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Use Promo Code EASY to SAVE 10% OFF! 🔥

iDrive 7 MGU Fullscreen Carplay Lifetime Activation + Video In Motion 2019-2021

Original price $799.99
Current price $699.99

OEM Apple CarPlay Fullscreen Lifetime activation + Video In Motion 

Vehicle Must have - 6U3 BMW Live Dashboard Profesional

BMW ENET Cable is required. (Can be purchased on Amazon for $10 or eBay.

Process is simple and requires no coding or computer knowledge.

We will connect to your laptop remotely over WiFi and one of our engineers will code the vehicle. All you are required to do is download Teamviewer (free) .

We do the rest.

From start to finish 15 minutes.

This is the only solution for Carplay activation on iDrive 7 MGU.

*NOT AVAILABLE FOR Middle East REGION, Apologies*